Building societies and digital solutions

Digital solutions to put your members first

Building societies have an opportunity to stand out from the market with digital transformation. Combining long standing customer service with digital transformation, can make building societies thrive.

At Unifiedpost Group, we work with building societies to show how multichannel, digital solutions can help them transform. From transforming business processes, to enhancing member experience. Building societies have the opportunity to bring their members and business on a digital transformation journey.

Learn how Unifiedpost Group’s solutions will transform your building society. Discover our simple and smart opportunities and create the best outcomes for your savers, borrowers and community.

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Simple and smart admin and finance processes for…

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Building societies and digital transformation

How can my Building Society have simple and smart processes?

We know that your priority is your members. To communicate to your members in a way that works for them, means providing a multichannel communication offering. Partner with Unifiedpost Group to create a multichannel communication solution. A solution to enhance your member experience and reduce business manual tasks.
With our one-stop shop solution, migrate your documents to our multichannel communications portal. Documents such as mortgage statements, interest rate change notifications and AGM documents. Your communications arrive with your members in seconds via their channel of choice. Whether this is by portal, email, app, and SMS – the choice is theirs.
A multichannel communication portal reduces the time you spend distributing your member communications. Simply upload your data and documents to the portal. We then audit your files and distribute them straight to your members. Your members are notified of new documents, and have the ability to view them via your branded portal. Allowing your members to engage with your building society easier than ever before.
Your portal stores your members’ documents, accessible anytime, anywhere. Therefore reducing customer service enquiries and the time spent re-sending documents.
Our solution exists as an extension to your building society. A solution to enhance your current offering, making your processes simpler and smarter.

What it’s like working with Unifiedpost Group

“We have worked with Unifiedpost Group for many years and have always been impressed with the quality and speed of service for the mailings they produce for us. The Unifiedpost Group team understands our requirements and are very easy to work with, providing a seamless service every year.”

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Solutions relevant for all communications

Digitising invoices and business financial documents

Interest Rate Notifications

SME hybrid mail and multichannel solutions

Mortgage Proposals

Invoice visibility via multichannel technologies

AGM Rate Changes

Digitise invoices and business financial documents

Annual Billing Statements

Improve customer experience with multichannel solutions

Member Communications

Benefits for your building society

  • A modern, digital first approach – Be a competitive player in the market with a multichannel, digital offering.
  • Give members the choice – portal, email, app, SMS or post. Your members pick their communication channel of choice.
  • Integrate into legacy systems – Whether new or legacy systems, our solutions will integrate into yours.
  • Reduce costs – Save time and cost and switch from traditional print and post to digital.
  • Automated reports – Spend less time creating reports, and more time analysing them.
  • Enhance member engagement – Allow your members to self-serve and engage with your business in a way that suits them.
  • Improve your CSR – Reduce your paper communications and improve your environmental impact.
  • Distribute in any format – From mortgage statements to AGM documents. Your multichannel solution can process and distribute any document, in any format.
Building societies and digital technologies

Case Studies

Teachers Building Society Logo

Teachers Building Society

Teachers Building Society needed a solution in place to maintain the quality production and timely distribution of their member communications. Learn how Teachers found a simple and smart Hybrid Mail solution.

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Hanley Economic Building Society

Serving their members since 1854 means having the time to do so. This is why Hanley Economic Building Society sourced a document distribution solution. Discover their solution via our case study.

Working with Unifiedpost Group

Working with us is a true partnership, from our initial discussion to our customer service once you are up and running. We will work with you to create the right solution for your building society and members, and be with you every step of the way.

Improve business efficiencies with hybrid mail and multichannel solutions

Quick turnaround

We will create a credible and reliable solution that will allow you to see the business benefits instantly.

Accredited digital transformation technology business

Secure and safe

As a financial institution, we understand the level of security you need. From data security, to GDPR, UK based tier 3 data centres and our industry leading accreditations prove how secure our systems and processes are.

financial hybrid mail and multichannel benefits

Cost effective

We invest in technology, our teams and our methods to ensure you have cost effective processes.

Simple and smart admin and financial processes

Simple and smart

Simple and smart processes are what we are all about. We will make sure our service and processes are simple and smart for you.

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