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For over 25 years, StepChange has provided the UK’s most comprehensive debt advice service for thousands of UK citizens. The team at StepChange help people with debt problems and ultimately help individuals and families take back control of their finances and lives. With StepChange’s great work across the UK, the team needs to spend their time focusing on their customers and the advice they give, rather than spending time on manual tasks and communication processes.

This is why StepChange approached Unifiedpost Group to look for a solution to manage their communication processes. By initially working with a number of different suppliers to distribute all of their documents and communications, StepChange found it a challenge to manage all of their supplier relationships and oversee all of the communications that were distributed from different areas of the business.

Therefore the team looked for a consolidated solution to reduce their admin and communication tasks. The team needed to spend less time managing these tasks, and to get back to helping over half a million people each year resolve their debt problems to help them rebuild their lives.


Business: Foundation for Credit Counselling t/a StepChange Debt Charity

Location: Leeds, UK

Size: 1,300+ staff

Activity: Charity / debt advice


Managing multiple document distribution suppliers


Consolidating and merging the document distribution process to Unifiedpost Group


Allowing for one point of contact and smoother supplier management


StepChange’s relationship with Unifiedpost Group started through a comprehensive tender process which was carried out by the charity’s procurement team. StepChange was using a number of suppliers to distribute their range of customer communications. From debt management packs to proposal letters to statements. The team had a vast amount of communications going out of the door from all areas of the business. By using a number of suppliers, the team were finding it difficult to track and reconcile all of their communications and document processes.

StepChange therefore put forward a tender to consolidate and merge all of their document distribution processes, to allow for one point of contact and therefore have a smoother supplier management process for the entire business.

Our Solution

When addressing the tender proposal from the team at StepChange, we at Unifiedpost Group put forward our print and post solution in order to consolidate all of StepChange’s communication and document distribution. As we have strong expertise in the field of print and post document distribution, we were able to detail to StepChange the benefits of our solution.

With the main print solution created via a secure SFTP connection that was accessible from all of the charity’s departments, we were able to create a tool that allowed for the StepChange team to print, post and distribute 95% of their communications via one single print and post set-up. The team was able to take what was previously a complicated process to manage and turn it into a streamlined document distribution process that worked efficiently for the whole team.

What it’s like working with Unifiedpost Group

“Very smooth, professional, and focused. As the Senior Procurement Officer for the charity I have a direct link with both new business and existing business within Unifiedpost Group and have never had an issue with the communication and efficiency of the colleagues I engage with.”

StepChange Debt Charity

StepChange Debt Charity Logo


A more consolidated communication distribution process has created many benefits for the StepChange team. The charity is able to benefit from easier reconciliation, a much smoother process and only having to work with one supplier going forward.

By working with us at Unifiedpost Group, StepChange also has the confidence of knowing that all of their communications and document distribution processes are managed securely. With ISO accredited systems in place, we are able to provide the team with a high level of risk management to make sure their documents and customer data are in safe hands.

The StepChange team no longer need to manage multiple suppliers every month, and therefore have the time to uphold their service to their clients. A service which many individuals benefit from each year because of StepChange’s comprehensive debt advice service and solutions.

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