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Marsden Building Society, founded in 1860, support their members with a range of products including savings and mortgages. The largest Lancashire-based building society, the Marsden team always aim to deliver the best products and service possible to their members.

They needed a solution for the distribution of member communications which is why they reached out to Unifiedpost Group. Distributing member communications can be a time consuming and resource-heavy task, and the Marsden team needed a solution that reduced the time spent on manual distribution.


Business: Marsden Building Society

Location: Nelson, Lancashire

Size: 110+ staff

Activity: Financial services


Distributing member communications efficiently via a trusted provider.


Outsourcing distribution of member communications to Unifiedpost Group.


Confidence of knowing members’ documents are of high quality and arrive in a timely manner.

The Challenge

The Marsden distribute over 32,000 Annual General Meeting (AGM) packs to their members every year. AGM communications are a regulatory requirement for the Society, notifying members of changes that require their vote; from the re-election of directors to the appointment of auditors, as well as containing key information about the Society’s business performance.

Creating and distributing these packs takes a lot of work, and like most companies, would require resources and materials not readily available in-house, such as a variety of paper stock, advanced printers, binding and franking solutions.

The Marsden needed a partner to handle the print and postage of their AGM packs, so reached out to Unifiedpost Group to provide an outsourced solution.

Our Solution

At Unifiedpost Group, we work with building societies on a range of projects, from outsourcing member communications and document distribution to multichannel platform solutions.

For the Marsden, we created a simple and smart outsourced print and post solution. Our solution aims to reduce the time they spend distributing member communications, using this time and resource saving to continue supporting members in the delivery of their core services.


Using outsourced print and distribution, the Marsden securely send their AGM communications, as well as mortgage statements and rate change letters, via Unifiedpost Group’s print and post solution, forming a trusted partnership and using our print and consolidating technology to ensure high-quality communications.

As we process many jobs on a daily basis we work to economies of scale, which means printing and mailing Marsden’s communications is more cost-effective than the building society managing the distribution in-house.

As well as cost savings, the Marsden also have the confidence of working with an ISO accredited business.

Our ISO accreditations mean we have disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place. These plans mean the distribution of communications were not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; service levels remained strong and quality remained high.

A simple and smart solution for Marsden Building Society and their members.

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