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Achieve Together has been running for over 25 years and supports over 2,300 people, in almost 400 services. Supporting over 2,300 people means having the quality and skilled staff to do so. Achieve Together can’t endeavour to be the continuing leader within their sector without their 6,300 employees.

Making sure their employees have the time, training and continuous support means having the resources available to do so. The team shouldn’t need to spend their time on manual, admin tasks, when their dedication and focus is on the individuals they support.

This is why Achieve Together first approached Unifiedpost Group. The team needed a solution that reduced the time they spent creating and distributing payroll information. A solution that also eased the access of payroll information for all staff.

Read on and discover how Achieve Together partnered with Unifiedpost Group to create a suitable payroll document solution.


Business: The Regard Partnership (Trading as Achieve Together)

Location: Leatherhead, Surrey

Size: 6,300 employees

Activity: Care industry


Reducing the time spent creating and distributing payroll documents. Improving the ease and accessibility of payroll documents for all staff.


Outsourcing the creation and distribution of payroll documents. Outsourcing using digital documents via Unifiedpost Group’s multichannel communication platform.


Reduced the time spent distributing and accessing payroll documents. Allowed the business more time to concentrate and streamline other activities.


With over 6,300 employees, Achieve Together has a large task to create and distribute all their payroll information. From payslips to P45s to P60s. Printing and distributing over 6,300 monthly payslips, 200 monthly P45s and 6,300 annual P60s creates time consuming and costly tasks when managed in-house.

From creating individual documents, sourcing distribution methods, to even maintaining print equipment and keeping stock of print materials.

This is why Achieve Together sought an outsourced solution. The team had an aim to reduce the time spent on these tasks. Plus, the team was looking for a solution that improved document access and visibility across the whole company. Achieve Together’s time is important for the individuals they support. Therefore the team needs access to their information without any hassle.

Our Solution

Print and post

Achieve Together approached Unifiedpost Group for an initial conversation over 10 years ago. At the time, the team used Unifiedpost Group’s print and post solution to create, print and mail physical copies of their payroll documents. Using our advanced print technology, we were able to distribute Achieve Together’s monthly batches of documents with no issues at all.

Working on economies of scale, we create, print and distribute a large number of documents every day. Our processes work for many types of documents and many types of businesses. The time and cost it takes, is a fraction compared to a business managing the process in-house.

Digital solution

As Achieve Together’s relationship evolved with Unifiedpost Group, we were able to offer an even more efficient and cost-effective solution. Using our multichannel communication platform, Achieve Together transitioned from physical, hard-copies of payroll documents to digital versions.

Achieve Together’s digital solution streamlines processes even further. The team uses various modifications of the templates produced by their internal systems. This reduces the time spent creating each individual document and creates a streamlined process. Achieve Together simply sends their data file (consisting of employee details, pay information etc.) and their chosen payroll document template. We then carry out the rest of the process for the team.

Utilising our multichannel platform process also improves the accuracy of payroll documents. We validate and audit the data, and flag any discrepancies with the Achieve Together team. This rectifies any errors before distribution.

What it’s like working with Unifiedpost Group

“We have worked with the Unifiedpost Group for a number of years, and have built up a good working relationship. Any problems or areas of difficulty have always been identified and rectified in a timely manner. Help has always been given freely to assist with the working processes that we use on a monthly basis.”

Richard Hussey, Head of Payroll, Achieve Together

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Transitioning from paper based documents to digital creates a lot of business benefits. Digital processes reduce the time spent on document creation and distribution. Meaning the business can spend time on more important tasks. This is what the payroll team at Achieve Together was able to do. Less time spent on manual, administrative tasks, and more time streamlining other payroll department activities.

But how do digital documents save time compared to outsourcing documents for print and post? By utilising Unifiedpost Group’s multichannel communications platform, Achieve Together’s employees can access their payroll documentation via their own portal. No longer does the organisation need to save paper documents, search through emails or request lost copies. Via their portal, the organisation can access documentation and use the search and filter functionalities with ease.

This also saves time for the payroll team. They have a digitally secure document storage and archival system in place. The team spends less time redistributing information and documents, and less time distributing and creating documents in the first place.

Achieve Together has a secure future-proofed solution. Accessible anywhere, at any time to create the ease of finding payroll documentation. Meaning the team can spend more of their time on making a difference, to the many individuals they support.

“We have found Unifiedpost Group very amenable and proactive to our requirements. Using the payroll portal has saved us time as a department and created a secure environment for staff to view and store their pay documents.”

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