Improve communication
processes, engage members

The start of the year can increase demands on building societies as members review their finances and access the year ahead. Demands made easier when you have the right communication processes in place.

Whether you are looking to communicate statements, new mortgage packs or welcome letters you need the right physical or digital communications processes, along with a hassle-free delivery service.

At Unifiedpost Group, we will work with your building society to assess how you currently communicate. How your communication processes can be more productive, more efficient and more cost-effective. Your review will help you better understand your communication processes and how you can more easily engage with your members. All without creating any extra work or hassle for your business.

Fill in the form to talk to our building society experts and learn what new communication processes can do for you.

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“We have found Unifiedpost Group to be professional, attentive, helpful and adaptive to our needs. We’ve found the service to be simple and straightforward. They even took the time to run a training workshop on the Hybrid Mail Service for our colleagues to ensure they were all comfortable using it.”

“We have worked with Unifiedpost Group for many years and have always been impressed with the quality and speed of service for the mailings they produce for us. The Unifiedpost Group team understands our requirements and are very easy to work with, providing a seamless service every year.”

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Why Unifiedpost Group

Improve business efficiencies with hybrid mail and multichannel solutions

Quick turnaround

You will have a credible and reliable solution that will allow you to see the business benefits instantly.

Accredited digital transformation technology business

Secure and safe

Have the confidence in secure systems and processes with our ISO and Cyber Plus accreditations.

financial hybrid mail and multichannel benefits

Cost effective

Save time and money knowing that we invest in technology and solutions so that you don’t have to.

Simple and smart admin and financial processes

Simple and smart

Simple and smart processes throughout your partnership.