Who is

Who is

At Unifiedpost Group, our mission is to become the leading cloud-based platform for business services.
Throughout the world, businesses are digitalising their admin and finance processes. This is why, we provide businesses with the solutions to accelerate, optimise and deliver their processes. Requiring our 100% cloud based platform, connecting various economic operators from customers to suppliers to financial institutions.
Regardless of your size or location, we can partner with you. Our tools can transform your business, enhance your customer experience and accelerate your invoice to cash time.
Because we believe that administrative and financial processes should be simple and smart.
simple and smart admin and finance processes



personalised business processes

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Multichannel business and customer benefits

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What it’s like working with Unifiedpost Group

“Unifiedpost Group have been business partners with LeasePlan UK since 2008. They have delivered and continue to maintain their products and services with a commitment to always wanting to fully understand the needs of LeasePlan.”


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Our Awards and Accreditations

Our awards and accreditations prove our expertise in the industry. We want to show you how we strive for excellence when making administrative and financial processes simple and smart.

We have achieved and maintained internal standards (ISO) certifications for 9001, 14001, 22301 and 27001. Our accreditations provide our clients with confidence. Confidence and knowledge that their admin and finance processes are in secure, quality hands.

Find out more about our industry leading accreditations and awards.

simple and smart admin and finance processes

Our Values


Multichannel business and customer benefits

We are an integral part of the value chain; ambitious to create win-win solutions.


Multichannel and hybrid mail provider and partner

We act in a responsible manner; taking into account the impact of our decisions on quality, customers and reputation.


Multichannel and hybrid mail benefits

We challenge the status quo of processes and solutions; aiming for continuous improvement and innovation.

Improve environmental impact with digital document solutions

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our corporate social responsibility is at the heart of what we do. By working with a range of businesses, we understand the range of our impact on our environment and our client’s surroundings.

This is why we ensure our CSR looks at our everyday processes. From working with charities, to demonstrating how we reduce our environmental impact.

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Want to make your admin and finance processes simple and smart?